The Wimbly Lu Journey

Three years ago, I received an e-mail from two women looking for a career change, and finding the answer in chocolate. We met and I listened to their tales of Wimbledon, their Volkswagen Beetle, and chocolatier classes. This was one of those rare days when perfect strangers came together to fulfil each other's dreams. They wanted to start a chocolate cafe, and I, up to this point, had been hoping for a small branding project. A cafe, preferably.

I conceptualized the logo based on our long chat that day, but most specifically, the Jln Riang shophouse that they were going to inhabit. From the way they spoke of their intended renovations, I already had a sense that the place was going to be 90% of their brand. Wimbly Lu, after all, was also half a reference to a place: WImbledon. The strong love of physical space and ambience ran through these two entrepreneurs. So I aimed to turn the physical building of Wimbly Lu into their trademark.

Wimbly Lu quickly became packed every night. It still is the kind of place that I liken to another world within a wardrobe. Not hipster and industrial, no, but very charming in a warm, rustic way.

Three years later, they met me to talk about Little Wimbly Lu. The new venue would be welcomed by patrons who couldn't find parking at Jln Riang, or who weren't keen on joining the queue. Again, this logo was based on interior drawings they did of their intended renovations. If you visit the outlet, you will find that it is one big house-shaped outline of lights.

Finally there was Three Years in a Balloon. The name was a nod to their three years on the Wimbly Lu journey. We came to a psychic mutual agreement that the balloon should have steampunk, old-world-voyager references. A makeshift ship, an adventurer's vehicle. This was easy to do because we understood each other.


It's not always so easy. Nor do most clients ask for my particular style of illustration. But once in a while the perfect matches happen.

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